Hudson Valley Special Education Parent Center


Parent Information Sessions and Training Workshops


Workshops and trainings can be requested by organizations, groups, and schools based on the needs of parents.  See our Events Calendar for information on those that have been scheduled in your area.


Topics include but are not limited to:


Pre-referral Steps in Determining Special Education Services

This presentation will provide an overview of the steps which may be taken if parents are concerned about their child’s progress in school before receiving special education services. 


Steps in the Special Education Process

This presentation will give parents an overview of what can be expected if their child requires special education services.


Referral, Evaluation and Eligibility Determinations: A Look at the First Steps in the Special Education Process 

This presentation will assist parents in understanding the referral process for requesting an evaluation if there are concerns about a child’s progress in school, how an evaluation is conducted, what “Response to Intervention” means and how an eligibility determination for special education services is made.


Understanding Your School Team:  The Committee on Special Education Members and their Roles

This presentation will help parents gain a better understanding of  the members of the Committee on Special Education (CSE) team and their roles, what information is discussed with the team, when and where CSE meetings take place, why parent participation is important and how the team works together to develop an individualized education program for a child with special needs.


Understanding Your Child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP)

This presentation will review the components of an Individualized Education Program (IEP), who contributes information, when the IEP is completed or updated, how changes can be made to address concerns, why it’s essential to ask questions and the importance of including the child’s voice during the development of the IEP.


Annual Reviews – Your Rights, Steps to Resolve Concerns and Mediation Services

This presentation will explain what topics will be discussed during a child’s annual review meeting as well as the rights of a parent.  Non-adversarial problem solving strategies to address concerns and resolve differences while developing a child’s individualized education program, will be offered.


Parents as Partners: Effective Communication within Special Education

This information session will provide a review of basic communication skills that can assist parents in becoming meaningful partners within the special education process and build skills to communicate clearly and collaborate effectively as they develop their child’s education program.


The Level One Career Assessment (For parents of students age 12 or older) 

This presentation will review the Level I Career Assessment process which is mandated for students age 12 and older, in order to assess basic academic and functional skills. Parents will learn how the structured collection of information about their child’s interests and abilities both in and outside the school environment, allows families to work with the school to engage their child in the career decision-making process and planning goals for the future.


Transition Planning for Life after High School:  Additional Components of the IEP

(For parents of students age 12 and older)

This presentation will give parents an overview of how planning for their child’s transition to adulthood is incorporated into their teen’s IEP at age 15. Parents will learn how future goals and transition activities will be developed. The importance of parent involvement and a child’s participation in the planning process will be discussed.


Assistive Technology Considerations in Special Education

This presentation will offer an overview explaining assistive technology devices, services and evaluations and how a student’s need for them must be considered during the development of an IEP. Special focus will be given to the considerations needed as a student begins the transition planning process and how families can work in partnership with schools as students move from school to a community environment including employment and post-secondary education settings.


Transition to College (for parents of students with IEPs or 504 Plans)

This presentation is designed to assist parents in understanding the differences that can be expected as students move from high school to a college setting. Topics to help better prepare families for their child’s transition will include:  Laws governing services, disability documentation requirements; academic accommodations, the changing role as a parent, self-advocacy skills and more.


Transition to Adult Services

This presentation will give an overview of the different types of adult services that should be considered during the transition planning process to ensure that services which are critical to success; continue in the environment after high school through linkages with appropriate community agencies and adult service providers. 


Understanding Your Child’s IEP

This presentation will review each section of the IEP form to improve parents’ overall understanding of how this document outlines their child’s education program to meet their needs.


Preparing for a CSE Meeting

This presentation will offer parents helpful tips to be better prepared for and participate in, a Committee on Special Education meeting.